Wednesday , December 13 2017
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  • a flyer made for Tavern lounge

  • a flyer made for Tavern lounge

  • A logo made for whitey Freeman clothing line

  • A flyer for Buzz Of Naija

  • A logo for Buzz Of Naija

  • A logo for Hip Point Designs

  • A flyer for an Open Mic Night event

  • A logo

  • A logo for Buzz Of Naija

  • A logo for Buzz Of Naija


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 | Web Design: We do web development and focus most of our effort on web design, we showcase our talent in the vast varieties of dynamic websites. We also have demo sites ready for your viewing and also rating of our capabilities:

Buzz Of Naija Shop: This could be use for an online store of any kind ranging from a boutique down to an online mart.
Buzz Of Naija Event : As the name implies, this is a website for an event center, showing either their business ethics or what the event center possess.
Buzz Of Naija Club: This is another demo site showing how your club, bar or restaurant  would look like if you left it in our hands.
Buzz Of Naija School: This is a demo site showing how well you can market your school online and pull more students without even stepping out of the gates of your school.

 |Logo, Flyer and Pitch Deck: We are creative in nature, we pride ourselves in how well we can satisfy our customers every need. We give designs suitable for any class of business. We also design pitch decks, getting you the investment needed for your start up business. 

 | Complementary Card: Because of Our cravings and interest in a well designed Piece, we already have in store over a hundred designs of not just complementary card, but also flyers, Pitch decks, Premium Websites and more other web development tools. 

 | Custom Made Pieces: We also design Custom Made Pieces like shirts, trouser, Sandals, Caps etc. If needed we could also design according to your imagination.

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